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Ideal for All (IFA) was established in 1996 after a period of extensive user and carer consultation in Sandwell to set up a fully accessible Independent Living Centre (ILC). The ILC was a partnership project between Sandwell Council, Sandwell Health Authority and disabled people and carers from an early stage. Local disabled people aspired to run the centre themselves and as a result IFA was established to move this forward.

IFA is a major local and national advocate for the needs of disabled people, forming new networks and partnerships with neighbouring boroughs to progress its mission of equality for all. All our services are led by people that use and understand our services, and this is why the user-led philosophy lies at the heart of all that we do.

The charity has grown from managing a small temporary demonstration centre with equipment and adaptations, to managing multiple sites and a vast range of services created around the needs of the people who use them. IFA was supported through the mid nineties by primary health care development funds. The ILC state-of-the-art facility was funded in 1996 through £2 million funding from the government. Core funding has come via Sandwell Council and Sandwell Primary Care Trust with additional grants from a number of charitable and European funding sources.

From an initial budget of £54,000 per year, Ideal For All’s annual turnover has now grown to over £1.5 million per year. IFA has a workforce of 54 people, 30% of whom are people with a disability.

Through its user-led governance model, IFA has been able to influence the shape of a number of traditional social care services. This has been possible through a number of innovative service level agreements, which build user involvement into every aspect of service design and delivery.

IFA is a voice and a beacon for what disabled people can achieve given the support and the opportunity.

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